Friday, January 24, 2014


Well today was probably the coldest of the last week, so naturally we had a little outing! Dad had to run by work for a little bit so we went with him and went out for lunch. 
Before we left I bundled you up and put a hat on you. You were SCREAMING on the way to NMB. So half way there I decided to take your hat of and voila! No more screaming.. You did not like it, obvs! 
On the way back we stopped at Fresh Market and picked up some yum desserts. I am so happy to have that place close by!!
We had a lazy rest of the day before your dad had to go back to work. Y'all took a nap and I got some cleaning and most importantly eating done! 
We had a lot of tummy time and practicing to sit up before bed. You are doing sooo good!!

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