Monday, January 13, 2014

4 Month Well Visit

Sweet girl, you had your 4 month checkup today!

You are in the 70th percentile for weight at 15 pounds 10 ounces, the 50th percentile for height at 24 1/4 inches and the 75th percentile for head circumference!! 
We saw Dr. Williams today. 
She was the dr that checked you out at the hospital 
and was sweet about how she told us you had to stay a few extra days.
I was concerned about your eating and sleeping. 
She said that you were eating PLENTY!! 
When you have a bottle you have about 4 to 5 ounces and she said that was perfect. 
You are a quick nurser and are done in about 10 minutes which she said was fine also.
She thought maybe your cold that you had sent you into a sleep regression
 and that it should get better soon.
You can have rice cereal now in a night time bottle if we want but I would like to wait until 6 months!! For some reason your dad is ready to give it to you, but I'm not just yet.
You are not teething quite yet. 
You are just discovering your hands and mouth so that is why everything is always going in your mouth!

You had 2 shots today and an oral medicene. 
You did fine with the oral and only cried a little with the first shot but the second shot was so sad!!
 I made your dad stand with you since he couldn't come to your two month shots and he scooped you up soo fast!! 
I couldn't take sitting there watching you so I jumped up too!! 
Your poor little face turned bright red and then you looked at your daddy like please make it stop!!
 It was soo sad! But you didn't cry for nearly as long this time, so that was good. 
I'm not sure my heart could of handled it!

Your little legs were red and we could tell they hurt you. 
We had lots of cuddles and naps today!
 You saw your Grammy, Nana and Grand Buddy and they all made you feel better!!
Hopefully you get a good nights rest tonight and wake up feeling better!
We love you soo much sweet girl. 

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