Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lunch Date!

We met up with my friend Margaret Ann for lunch today at my fav place Croissants! It was super rainy out and I was hoping you would fall asleep before we got there, but you were wide awake! I even left early and drove around to see if you would fall asleep. No such luck!! 
You did so good at lunch and only fussed a little. Margaret Ann held you while I ate and that was a big help!!

Of course you passed out on the 5 minute ride home!! We snuggled on the couch and you had a good long nap while I caught up on the dvr!!

This afternoon, dad and I walked you over to nanas so we could go for our run. You are always so happy to see your nana and grand buddy! You get the biggest smile on your face as soon as you see them!! 

We had transitioned you out of your swaddle but are trying the swaddle tonight to see if it will help you sleep better. I have a feeling you will break out if it by midnight but I'm crossing my fingers! And going to bed as soon as I put you in the crib!!

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