Friday, January 31, 2014

5 Month Update

Wow! 5 months have gone by already? This time last year we were getting so excited about telling our parents and siblings you were coming. I remember thinking January went by sooo sllooowww last year because we had this huge secret and just wanted to let our family in on it! And now you are here and already 5 months old!!

This month your sleeping got a little out of wack. You were doing soo good but then you got a little cold and that mixed with learning so many new things sent you into a sleep regression! Finally you are doing a lot better and back to only waking up to eat twice. During your sleep regression we decided to move your bedtime up. Now you go to bed between 7 and 7:30. I think that really helped! Then you wake up around 1 and 4 to eat. You still wake up for the day around 7:30.

Your naps have gotten much more regular and longer since you have been sleeping more at night. You normally get tired about an hour after you eat and sleep for about an hour and a half. 

You learned to roll from your back to your tummy this month!! You don't go all the way over often but you roll to your side a lot. You have also discovered your feet just recently. You can even suck on your big toe!!!! Today you kept grabbing both feet with both hands. Every time I put you down that's what you would do! You also have learned to blow raspberries and you do it all the time! We even hear it on the monitor at night!!

You still love your bathtime. When we were struggling with sleep, we decided to start doing a bath every night as part of your bedtime routine. It has gotten much easier to just leave your bathtub in our tub so I don't have to move it out to the kitchen sink every night. You have also started playing with toys at bath time!

You are still nursing every three hours. You are in size two diapers and 3-6 month clothes. 

This month you celebrated your first New Years! Let me tell you what, it was pretty exciting! You went to bed at around 9:30 and I was in bed by 10!

We also went on another trip to the lake and you experienced your first snow! You were pretty lucky because it hardly ever snows at the lake or at home!

You are turning into such a little person!! This month your personality and smiles really blossomed. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you sweet girl. You are going to do some pretty amazing things with your beautiful life. We love you with all of our hearts. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well we had an all out snow day today, complete with sledding, hot chocolate, snowball fight, snow angels and a fire. It was wonderful!

I was so excited for you to wake up early so we could see the snow! It snowed over night and we got about 2-3 inches. 

Even Aunt Jenn woke up with us (which is pretty incredible) and watched the today show while we played and admired the snow from indoors!!

After Nana and Grandbuddy woke up, we put on whatever cold weather gear we brought and headed outside. I was prepared with a little snow suit for you, but I brought nothing for me!!! When we went to put the snow suit on you, you got pretty upset! I think because you thought it was your sleep suit and you thought we were putting you to bed!!

We went outside and walked all around the house. And of course took a million pictures.  You even made a snow angel!!
Since I didn't come very prepared we ended up inside pretty quick and Grandbuddy made us pancakes!! He is the best pancake maker there is! 

Later on, in the afternoon, your nana rocked you and the rest of us headed outside to play.

We found the knee boards and used them to go sledding!! I had never done it before and I was pretty great at it. Just ask Aunt Jenn. ;) 
We ended the day with some hot chocolate and fire time!! It was so fun! The only thing that would have made it better is if your daddy was here. He was missing you so much today!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The weather man said the freezing rain and sleet was supposed to start at 11 today and by 3 it would turn to snow.
It's 7:30 now and still no snow!! 
But it is supposed to snow 3-4 inches here at the lake overnight. Hopefully when you wake up in the morning it will be a Winter Wonderland!! 

We did literally nothing again today. Grandbuddy made a fire and we did a lot of laying around!!

I can't wait to take pictures of you in the snow tomorrow!!! 

Also this is what your father had for lunch today in Kentucky....

A grilled cheese doughnut....

And a grilled cheese s'mores doughnut...which would of been good if there were no CHEESE on it!!! 

Ummm gross. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lazy Lake Day

Today was a very lazy Monday! Nana watched you this morning so I could sleep in a little bit.  I heard y'all laughing and playing so I know you had fun!

The weather was soo nice today. It was in the 60s so we went for a little walk and hung out outside! 

Tomorrow its supposed to get cold and start snowing!! At the lake, we are actually supposed to get more snow than at home, so we are VERY excited! Thank goodness I packed some warm clothes for you!

This afternoon Grandbuddy hung your swing in the kitchen! You LOVE it. You especially liked it when Nana was cooking dinner and you could be in on the action! 

These next couple of days will be fun snow days! I can't wait! 
Love you sweet girl! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lake Bound!

This morning we left for the lake and dad left for Kentucky! He left wearing under armor's snowing there. He cray!!

Aunt Jenn came to pick us up this morning and off we went. We loaded you up with toys to play with, but you pretty much fell asleep immediately and slept almost the entire way. You only woke up on the winding road leading to the lake which is very understandable!  I don't like it either!! 

We got here before nana and Grandbuddy and tried the key they gave us. It didn't work!! We were plotting how we were going to break in when Grandbuddy saw us on the cameras and told us where the spare key was hidden! Thank goodness because they didn't get here till almost your bedtime. I don't know what we would have done!!

Dad made it safe to Kentucky and quickly regretted his shorts decision!!
We are planning on staying at the lake all week, but we just saw on the news where MB is supposed to get snow, real snow, Tuesday night and Wednesday!! We are going to keep an eye on it tomorrow and if they are still saying it's going to snow then we are packing up and heading home Tuesday!! We can't miss snow at the beach! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Packing Day

Tomorrow dad leaves for a work trip to Kentucky and we are headed to the lake!! I can't wait! It will be nice and relaxing. 
But we will really miss him. It will be nice to all be back together again on Saturday! This morning we went to target and picked up a bench with some cubbies in it for your toys. I'm still trying to figure out the play area. When we get back I'm really going to get started on it!

After target we took you to Grammy's house so she could watch you while we pack. You need a lot more stuff this time!!! The last time we went to the lake was for thanksgiving and you didn't need much. This time we have a whole bag full of toys so you will stay entertained! I hope I remembered everything. I have you, diapers and me and those are the most important things! 
Nana, Grandbuddy and Aunt Jenn are all so excited to spend some time with you. Hopefully it won't be too cold and we can spend some time outside. (I'm not counting on it..) 

Friday, January 24, 2014


Well today was probably the coldest of the last week, so naturally we had a little outing! Dad had to run by work for a little bit so we went with him and went out for lunch. 
Before we left I bundled you up and put a hat on you. You were SCREAMING on the way to NMB. So half way there I decided to take your hat of and voila! No more screaming.. You did not like it, obvs! 
On the way back we stopped at Fresh Market and picked up some yum desserts. I am so happy to have that place close by!!
We had a lazy rest of the day before your dad had to go back to work. Y'all took a nap and I got some cleaning and most importantly eating done! 
We had a lot of tummy time and practicing to sit up before bed. You are doing sooo good!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cabin Fever!

The past two days have been freezing, so we have spent them hanging out inside.

Yesterday we did a lot of sleeping (well you did), cleaning (me..), eating (us both!) and playing. You took some nice long naps and they weren't all in my arms! Progress!! 

You rolled over soo many times yesterday. You went from your tummy to your back and from your back to your tummy! It seems like you do more of rolling from your back to your tummy but that might be because you just learned how! We had lots of tummy time which you aren't the biggest fan of. I read where you need 90 minutes of tummy time a day. You will probably disown me if we did 90 minutes of tummy time!! We probably get in a total of 45 min to one hour throughout the day. But we are working on it.

On Wednesday nights I teach a group of 1st - 5th grade girls at church. It's called GA's. I was a GA when I was younger and you will be a GA too one day. Since I had to go to church and your dad was working, Nana and Grandbuddy came over to give you a bath and get you ready for bed. I think you all enjoyed the time together! 

Today was another day spent inside. You slept a ton today. You normally are ready for a nap about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours after you wake up and eat. When it was one hour on the dot you were tired again! You would sleep almost two hours and wake up just in time to eat. I did a lot of catching up on my DVR while you were napping. You wouldn't  me put you down much today. So while you were napping, most of the times you were in my arms. We need to work on crib napping!!

This afternoon we took a little drive to chick fil a to get out of the house. While I was drinking my water you were soo interested in it! It will be so fun to watch you drink water and eat solid food for the first time! But I'm not rushing it one bit! I'm perfectly happy waiting a month for those milestones!! 

You have been sleeping better too. I think it's the earlier bedtime and the end of the sleep regression. Thank goodness! Rest up tonight because we have another fun filled day inside tomorrow! I'm so ready for this weather to leave so we can at least go for a little walk!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Day Off!

Last night dad and I went to dinner and a movie. Since this was his last few days off before going to Kentucky. Since we would be gone at your bedtime, you stayed the night at Grammys. She said you slept sooo good! You went to bed at 7:30, woke up at about midnight and then 4:30! Normally I would have been in there a few times in between! Then you woke up for good at 8:30. I'm so proud of you! They were prepared for a sleepless night! 

After we picked you up we headed to Snak Shak for a yummy fried chicken lunch! It's literally the best.

After lunch, you took a nap and I hung up all your laundry a and rearranged your drawers. It's so sad having to move all of your newborn clothes! But I'm happy you are a growing girl.

The next few days are supposed to be super cold, so when you woke up dad converted your bassinet on the stroller to a stroller seat.. Once again, a sad moment for momma!!
We took you for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. I think you really liked the stroller seat. You didn't fuss once and stayed awake watching everything go by! In your bassinet you normally got a little fussy after a while. I'm ready for this cold weather to leave so we can go on another walk!!

After your walk, we finally put all of the Christmas stuff away. It has been sitting out waiting for your dad to put it away on a day off!! Then he even made room in the living room for your play area! I'm so excited to get it all organized and ready for you to play away!

We had a fun day with you and I know you enjoyed the time with Daddy!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Baptism and A Birthday

This morning your friend Wils was baptised at First Presbyterian Church. Dad had to work, so it was just us girls! You had on your cute Sunday Dress and long pink coat! Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the coat but you were stylin'!
We saw Tippins' mom and she is always soo nice. She made you smile soo big. We also saw Elle, who kept saying, Baby Hadley"! Tippins told me that the other night when she was saying her prayers she ended with a prayer for Baby Hadley! They are such a sweet family and I know you and Wils are going to be best friends and Elle will take good care of you both!! 

After the Baptism we went to Nana and Grandbuddy's to visit before going to lunch with Barbie!! Barbie is 72 today and  we went to lunch and a movie to celebrate. 

Unfortunately we couldn't bring you to the movies so you got to spend some time with Aunt Caroline and Grammy. Y'all strolled to Pine Lakes for lunch (I'm jealous) and then came home and took a nice long nap!!

We had a busy day today so we are both going to bed early!! Tomorrow will be a nice relaxing Sunday! 
Sleep good sweet girl! (Seriously...)