Tuesday, January 7, 2014


You don't understand this yet but we live at the beach. 
Where it never gets too cold, hardly snows and we don't really have to break out the winter gear. 
Well today was a totally different story!  This morning while we were watching the news, the windchill was 8 degrees!!!! Burrrr!!! I think it got up to about 34. Too cold for us! 
We went and picked you up from Grammys house and put your warm Minnie hat on and covered you in blankets. You were so cozy that you fell asleep immediately and stayed asleep the whole 2 hours we were out running errands and having lunch. 
If it were up to me, we wouldn't have left the house!!! 

This afternoon we finally finished putting away everything that you got for Christmas. 
Girl, you racked up. 
There is literally no more room in your closet!! 
The floor of your room looks soo much better now that we can actually see it!! 
We had hampers full of your goodies filling up your room.

I also finished getting together all of your clothes that don't fit any more. 
All I have to say is it made me soo sad!!
 But I'm happy you are growing up to be such a smiling, giggling, perfect little baby.

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