Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4 months old!

You turned 4 months old on December 30th! I literally could not believe it!!! 
You have grown up so fast and it seems like I was just in the hospital with you yesterday. 
You are turning into such a sweet, happy little girl. 

You wake up at exactly 7:30 every single morning. 
I thought it may be the sun coming in then but I fixed your blinds and that doesn't seem to be it!! 
You still wake up at about 2, and we just have to pop your Paci back in. 
The next time you wake up is around 4 or 5 to eat. 
You have had some nights this month where you have slept all the way through!! 
When you wake up we normally play in your room for about 45 minutes until you are tired again and ready for your morning nap. This is when I take you in to the bed with me and we both nap!
You LOVE to squeal and scream. I don't think you can believe that noise is coming from you!! 
You stick your entire fist, sometimes both, in your mouth and just naw away!! 
You a drooly girl, but it doesn't seem to bother anyone when you drool all over them. 
You are just too cute!! 

You love to blow bubbles and smile soo big. 
When we tickle you, you let out the cutest little laugh!
 Sometimes we can just look at you funny and you will laugh at us. 
We love it when you do that. 
You are rolling over sometimes from your tummy to your back. 
When you do roll over we cheer and clap like crazy and you look at us like we are nutso!! 

We haven't been to the dr yet for your four month checkup but I'm guessing you are about 14 pounds. You are still in sz 2 diaper and can wear anything from 0-3 to 6 months. 
Mostly you are wearing 3-6 months. 

You love bath time and are still in the bathtub in the sink. 
I don't think you have ever cried during a bath. 
You are a little water baby, which makes momma and daddy happy because we love the water too!! 
You still look a lot like daddy, but finally people are saying you look like me!! 
You definitely have my ears! 

This month was your first Christmas! 
We had so much fun with you and it made our day soo much brighter having you here.

I am so happy I get to call you mine, sweet girl. 
I look so forward to what next month has in store! We love you! 

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