Thursday, January 16, 2014

4 Month Sleep Regression!

This whole sleep regression thing is pretty terrible... I was reading about it last night when you couldn't sleep. 
It says that at 4 months babies learn soo many new things like rolling over more, finding your voice, learning to sit up, grabbing toys with both hands, watching everything, etc. Learning all of these new things would make me pretty tired. But apparently it has the opposite affect on babies. They don't want to miss anything. 

I was reading about ways to help you sleep better. Some articles said to do whatever works. Swing, swaddle, your bedroom, whatever will keep you asleep. Others said not to give in to the regression. To let you cry some, keep bedtime routine the same as before. Don't remove you from crib and feed you. 
That's the theme with all baby topics. What one person says to do the other person says not to do.
We are keeping you in your magic suit like before, moving your bedtime an hour earlier, not removing you from crib to soothe to sleep unless you are hungry, not letting you cry for long periods of time and working on longer naps during the day. 

You still woke up every two hours last night but you extended the time you are fully awake to 8:30. So I'm thinking the earlier bedtime may have helped. 
I can't wait to post about something that doesn't involve sleep!!!! 
A lady at church told me to think of the times when you can't sleep as extra mommy daughter time together. The nights are our time to bond. 
I need to keep reminding myself of that!!

We finally got a new washer today. I can't wait to tackle some of these piles of laundry. It looks like this whole weekend will be dedicated to laundry!!!

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