Thursday, January 9, 2014

Busy Day

Today was a pretty bust day for you!! And me! 
You woke up earlier than normal and didn't sleep well last night at all. 
You were awake about every two hours and you were hungry at around 2 which isn't really normal for you. We both were super tired this morning but we had a very busy day ahead!!!

We met up with my friend christen at Starbucks. She is due in just 8 weeks! 
We hadn't talked in a while, so we caught up and then headed to the Kangaroo pouch so she could register for some things. 
You were going pretty crazy in there!! It seemed like you just wanted to get up and run around the store! And you probably will one day! 

After that, we headed home so you could see your great Aunt Lisa. 
She was soo excited to see you. When she held you, she held you like a newborn and couldn't believe it when you practically sat up in her arms!! She was shocked!!

Finally we are home and rocking. 
Daddy comes home early tonight so we will get a full day with him tomorrow!! Yay!
And here is a cute photo of your dad that aunt Caroline posted on Instagram!

Soo cute!!! 

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