Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lake Bound!

This morning we left for the lake and dad left for Kentucky! He left wearing under armor's snowing there. He cray!!

Aunt Jenn came to pick us up this morning and off we went. We loaded you up with toys to play with, but you pretty much fell asleep immediately and slept almost the entire way. You only woke up on the winding road leading to the lake which is very understandable!  I don't like it either!! 

We got here before nana and Grandbuddy and tried the key they gave us. It didn't work!! We were plotting how we were going to break in when Grandbuddy saw us on the cameras and told us where the spare key was hidden! Thank goodness because they didn't get here till almost your bedtime. I don't know what we would have done!!

Dad made it safe to Kentucky and quickly regretted his shorts decision!!
We are planning on staying at the lake all week, but we just saw on the news where MB is supposed to get snow, real snow, Tuesday night and Wednesday!! We are going to keep an eye on it tomorrow and if they are still saying it's going to snow then we are packing up and heading home Tuesday!! We can't miss snow at the beach! 

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