Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Cleaning!

Well babe, you are still not sleeping good at all. 
Since dad slept so long yesterday he took the night shift of taking care of you. 
You were up about every two hours again. 
From about 5 to 9 he just stayed back in your nursery and rocked you. Every time he would put you in the crib you would wake up immediately and cry. I guess you just wanted some daddy time!! 
Today we FINALLY tackled the Christmas decorations. It makes it harder to get things put away with you here!! You spent some time at your nana and grand buddy's so we could work on taking them down and maybe squeeze in a little nap!! ;) 
Tonight we are watching the Golden Globes!! 
I can't wait for you to be a little older and we can have award show parties! 
They will be soo fun!
Let's pray that you sleep a little better tonight! 
We broke down the pack n play in our room when you were sleeping so good, 
but we may have to put it back up!!!

Can you believe this is the only pic taken of you today!?!

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