Monday, April 26, 2010

Last College Class ever.....

So today was my last day of classes for my Senior year.
I only had one class today and it was from 5-7:45.
I had one exam and two presentations...
Luckily, all of it was not as hard as I thought it would be and we walked out 45 minutes early!
I then went to a concert on campus to celebrate the last day of class.
I met up with this fabulous girl:
and saw this amazing man in concert:
now i will be the first to say that my sophomore year playlist consisted solely of Corey Smith songs.
I would listen to them literally every time i turned my ipod on.
Since then I have not really listened as much and I forgot how truly amazing he is.
I was so excited tonight to show of my rapping skills during "Drinkin' again" and finally be able to get all the words right...almost.
He did an amazing job and it was such an awesome end to four years of classes.
He ended the show with "Long way to go".
It was a perfect ending and made me and Christen almost cry thinking about graduating College.
It has been an amazing four years and its seems so surreal that Sociology was my last undergrad class i will ever take.
I honestly, cannot believe it.
During the concert we just kept looking at each other affirming our thoughts on graduating college.
I am ready to graduate, move home, and get married,

but i wish that i could just stop time on the Cistern, under the huge oak trees, listening to "Carolina" and dancing with my friends.

These four years have gone by like a flash of light, I feel like I just graduated from High School.

Change is always something I have had a hard time with.
When I came to college I cried and cried about being TWO hours away from home.
About having the fabulous girl above live literally a few doors down the hall from me and I was soo not happy about it.
I said multiple times how much I hated this stupid city and I how I just wanted to go back to the beach.
(the real beach where you walk to the end of the street, not drive over two bridges and into another city)
I was so ready to give up on all of it but I hung through it all and stayed.

Now I love that two hour drive back home and think the distance is absolutely perfect.
Christen is an amazing person and I cherish all facets of our friendship because it has allowed us each to grow individually and test out true nature.
We are each comfortable with our selves now and that is just what our friendship needed.
This city is honestly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
I love every single piece of it.
I love that no matter how many times you look down a street you will always find something new.
A new alley to venture down or a new building that takes your breath away.
I love everything about living here and it is going to be so hard to move after graduation.

I have so much to look forward to, but its going to be bittersweet to leave this chapter and move to the next.

I have a long, long way to go
The whole world in front of me, and time moving so slow.
A long, long way to go...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenn!!!

My amazing sis Jenn turned TWENTY on April 24th!!!
She shares her bday with our cousin Sandra!
needless to say, I am completely jealous of April 24th Birthdays!

We spent the weekend at the Lake celebrating and having so much fun.
This morning we all slept in till noon-cause sleeping is one of Jenn's favorite hobbies!
We woke up, ate yummy blueberry muffins and assumed our positions on the couch while we watched tv!
 Then we sat on the porch and played with the football until 3 when we could open presents!
(We like to wait till 3 on our birthdays to open presents..why?  I have no idea!!)
For the presents from me and charlie, Rob came up with the idea of making her go on a scavenger hunt!
It was so much fun!
Charlie got her The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook!
This is THE most amazing cookbook and blog in the entire universe of the world!
If you haven't checked her out before, be prepared to spend a good 2 hours drooling over her millions of pictures and amazing recipes!!

She then opened the presents from Mom and Dad and she got some DVDs and...
an IPAD!!
Its the coolest thing ever!
She has been playing with it literally all day and it can so much fun stuff!
So obvs we spent like 2 hours playing with it!
Then we had an awesome dinner of Oven baked Chicken, Mac&cheese, yeast rolls, and broccoli and cheese!
yum yum yum yum!!
After dinner we went back to playing with the Ipad and then came time for dessert!
Charlie and I picked up a cake from Kaminsky's in Charleston.
If you ever go to Charleston, SC run as fast as you can to get a piece of cake from here.
It will seriously be the most amazing thing you will ever eat!
We got her a Cookies and Cream cake and it was AMAZING!!
After the cake we all watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
(I have not idea how it was cause I fell right asleep from a cookies and cream induced coma..)
Everyone seemed to think it was good!
We are now sitting in our beds on the computer!
It has been an amazing day and I am so lucky to have such an awesome sister who loves me soo much!
She makes me so much happier when I see her and she knows exactly what to say to cheer me up.
She always makes me laugh and never fails at Trivia nights!
I love her soo much and "I'd die without you"!

No Day But Today...
Love you Deef!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flower Girl Dress!!!!

This beautiful girl

is going to look fabulous in this dress!!!
The blue will be replaced with a light pink!
I cannot wait to see her sweet face! 
Only 56 days till she comes!!!!!

She is just sooo cute and I cant wait to see her momma too!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bridesmaids: Lauren

Lauren is one of my oldest and dearest friends.
I went to a christian school in the 6th grade and met her.
We realized we lived literally a street apart and became instant friends.
Everyday after school was spent on her golf cart kicking over cones or just driving around listening to music.
During the summer we spent almost everyday at Myrtle Waves eating cinnamon pretzels and breaking all of the rules in the lazy river.
She went to summer camp every year for two weeks and I literally thought my world was going to fall apart.
We wrote each other every single day and I still have each of those notes.

In 7th grade we both went to another christian school that was thirty minutes away.
Lauren and I carpooled and never spent a morning or afternoon apart.
We loved every minute of it and felt just like sister.
We shared our crushes and secrets.
We skipped school together the day the new mall opened and faked sick together so we didn't have to sit through Mrs. Breault's math class.
We were constantly given "the eye" in class because we could not stop talking.
She became a basketball player and I became the number one fan so i could still hang out with her all of the time!
We shared all of our first days of school and went to both proms together.

And we graduated side by side.
her a bit more distinguished than I ;)
My life would never be like it is today if it were not for her.
She is one of my best friends and will always be so close to my heart.
Her family feels like my family and are still so close.
I would never trade her friendship for anything.
She still knows more about me then almost anyone.
Lauren has the kindest, most gentle heart.
She always gives the perfect bit of advice and is always looking out for others well being no matter who they are.
She still has the most encouraging words and i look back on those notes from when she went to summer camp and it takes me back to some of my greatest childhood memories.

As I mentioned in another post Lauren recently got engaged!
I am so excited for her and the new life she will lead.
Her fiancé Scott proposed in the perfect way for her and she said it was just like a dream.
They got engaged in Disney World where dreams really do come true!
Lauren will make the most beautiful bride and I cannot wait to see her say her vows.
She deserves all of the happiness in the world and it is my prayer that God will continue to bless her and show her smiles, love, and laughter everywhere she turns.
I am blessed to call her my best friend and have her stand with me as I get married.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bridal Portrait~

(EDITED: As I was finishing this post, my mom called and said that Charlie (my cousin) was just taken to the emergency room.  His daughter lauren had said earlier that he has fluid in his lungs and is in a lot of pain. They are running tests now.  Please continue to pray for him and the doctors and his beautiful family. Thank you so much for your prayers.)

Hello everyone! I am graduating in 27 days and school has completely taken over my life... 
so sorry i haven't been the best blogger once again, but hopefully after graduation I will have more time to get back to the important things, like catching up with all of my bloggy buddies!

Last week I had my bridal portrait!  I was so excited to put on my dress and veil and have my makeup and hair all done like it would be on the day of the wedding.  The only time I could schedule my hair appointment was for 8AM. Now i am not an early riser but for some fabulous hair, i was up and ready to get the day started! The guy who did my hair gave me my first haircut and every haircut since then.  He was so sweet to come in extra early so he could be a part of every moment of the wedding.  Of course i brought in tons of pics of what I wanted my hair to look like, but wasnt quite sure what I really wanted..typical... 
He ended up curling it all and putting it into a pretty updo that still looks like its down:

I loved it!  But decided that on the wedding day I wanted to just go with my hair down in big curls with my bangs down and pulled half back.  Simple, but pretty!  

After the hair appointment mom and i of course had to stop by Chick-fil-A for some yummy breakfast before heading to get our nails done.  I got  OPI "Catch the Garter" on my fingas! I loved it and of course the name was quite fitting!
We then went to the Chanel counter to get makeup done. 
We did all of this as kind of a trial for the wedding and I loved the way it all turned out!

I got he Bridal Portraits taken at a home called Snow Hill in Conway, SC.  My great great grandfather grew up there and some of my family live there now.  
They were sweet enough to let us come and go all around the beautiful property and take pictures.
Mom and I went up and got the dress on and the shoes ,which deserve a post of their own ;).
We went down the huge staircase to meet the photographer and Della.  Della brought my bouquet which I LOVED so much!! It was mostly white with some green and a pop of pink tulips. So pretty!
Everything got me soo excited for the wedding day!

Lynn arrived and we got setup to take some pictures.
We started in front of the huge door to the house.
We were their for a while and I started feeling kind of funny.
I thought it was just because i was in front of all of these people having my pictures taken.
But then it got a whole lot worse!
Lynn could tell and came over to me, i had to lay my head on her shoulder and next thing I knew my dad was behind me and lowering me to the ground.
I woke up and realized I had passed out and could not believe it!
Mom and dad were undoing my dress because I could barely breathe and then i felt 100% better.
It was intense!
I finally started feeling better and we continued the shoot and got some awesome shots!
I could not believe I passed out though, I realized that on the wedding day i need to keep the dress not so tight (it has a built in corset) and eat something before the ceremony!

Besides all of that I am looking so forward to seeing the pictures!!!
We ended the long shoot with dairy queen and a much needed chocolate milkshake....

Which will kind of resemble the wedding day in that we decided to have double shot glasses filled with milkshake and mini hamburgers passed around towards the end of the reception!
I can't wait!
62 more days till wedding...
27 till graduation...
(let's pray im ready for both!!)