Monday, April 12, 2010

Bridesmaids: Lauren

Lauren is one of my oldest and dearest friends.
I went to a christian school in the 6th grade and met her.
We realized we lived literally a street apart and became instant friends.
Everyday after school was spent on her golf cart kicking over cones or just driving around listening to music.
During the summer we spent almost everyday at Myrtle Waves eating cinnamon pretzels and breaking all of the rules in the lazy river.
She went to summer camp every year for two weeks and I literally thought my world was going to fall apart.
We wrote each other every single day and I still have each of those notes.

In 7th grade we both went to another christian school that was thirty minutes away.
Lauren and I carpooled and never spent a morning or afternoon apart.
We loved every minute of it and felt just like sister.
We shared our crushes and secrets.
We skipped school together the day the new mall opened and faked sick together so we didn't have to sit through Mrs. Breault's math class.
We were constantly given "the eye" in class because we could not stop talking.
She became a basketball player and I became the number one fan so i could still hang out with her all of the time!
We shared all of our first days of school and went to both proms together.

And we graduated side by side.
her a bit more distinguished than I ;)
My life would never be like it is today if it were not for her.
She is one of my best friends and will always be so close to my heart.
Her family feels like my family and are still so close.
I would never trade her friendship for anything.
She still knows more about me then almost anyone.
Lauren has the kindest, most gentle heart.
She always gives the perfect bit of advice and is always looking out for others well being no matter who they are.
She still has the most encouraging words and i look back on those notes from when she went to summer camp and it takes me back to some of my greatest childhood memories.

As I mentioned in another post Lauren recently got engaged!
I am so excited for her and the new life she will lead.
Her fiancé Scott proposed in the perfect way for her and she said it was just like a dream.
They got engaged in Disney World where dreams really do come true!
Lauren will make the most beautiful bride and I cannot wait to see her say her vows.
She deserves all of the happiness in the world and it is my prayer that God will continue to bless her and show her smiles, love, and laughter everywhere she turns.
I am blessed to call her my best friend and have her stand with me as I get married.


  1. I didn't realize that you guys went to a different Christian school - where was that?

    Then you both went to AAST right?

  2. best friends are just the best!!
    love all the photos!
    you two ladies are so pretty! :)

  3. We went to Christian Academy first, and then we went to AAST! yep!

    Aww thank you Annie!!