Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenn!!!

My amazing sis Jenn turned TWENTY on April 24th!!!
She shares her bday with our cousin Sandra!
needless to say, I am completely jealous of April 24th Birthdays!

We spent the weekend at the Lake celebrating and having so much fun.
This morning we all slept in till noon-cause sleeping is one of Jenn's favorite hobbies!
We woke up, ate yummy blueberry muffins and assumed our positions on the couch while we watched tv!
 Then we sat on the porch and played with the football until 3 when we could open presents!
(We like to wait till 3 on our birthdays to open presents..why?  I have no idea!!)
For the presents from me and charlie, Rob came up with the idea of making her go on a scavenger hunt!
It was so much fun!
Charlie got her The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook!
This is THE most amazing cookbook and blog in the entire universe of the world!
If you haven't checked her out before, be prepared to spend a good 2 hours drooling over her millions of pictures and amazing recipes!!

She then opened the presents from Mom and Dad and she got some DVDs and...
an IPAD!!
Its the coolest thing ever!
She has been playing with it literally all day and it can so much fun stuff!
So obvs we spent like 2 hours playing with it!
Then we had an awesome dinner of Oven baked Chicken, Mac&cheese, yeast rolls, and broccoli and cheese!
yum yum yum yum!!
After dinner we went back to playing with the Ipad and then came time for dessert!
Charlie and I picked up a cake from Kaminsky's in Charleston.
If you ever go to Charleston, SC run as fast as you can to get a piece of cake from here.
It will seriously be the most amazing thing you will ever eat!
We got her a Cookies and Cream cake and it was AMAZING!!
After the cake we all watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
(I have not idea how it was cause I fell right asleep from a cookies and cream induced coma..)
Everyone seemed to think it was good!
We are now sitting in our beds on the computer!
It has been an amazing day and I am so lucky to have such an awesome sister who loves me soo much!
She makes me so much happier when I see her and she knows exactly what to say to cheer me up.
She always makes me laugh and never fails at Trivia nights!
I love her soo much and "I'd die without you"!

No Day But Today...
Love you Deef!


  1. I love you jess!!!! You are the best, and i was legit the cutest child in the world.

  2. Jess, incredible blog!!!

  3. oh this is the sweetest thing ever. you are such a good sister. Happy birthday jennifer!! i am so glad you had a great day!!

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