Saturday, January 11, 2014


This morning we woke up and went and bought a new washer. 
Ours died last week and your little clothes have been piling up!! 
Come Thursday when it arrives I'm going to have millions of loads of laundry to do. 
I've never been more excited to get a washer!!
Your dad was supposed to work tonight so he went back to bed around 12 and we hung out and played! 
When he woke up ready for work at 4:30,
 he found out he didn't have to go so we got to spend the night with him!! 
This afternoon we went to your Great Great Grandma Carolyn's house! 
We met up with your great aunt Lisa and great uncle buck. 
We had so much fun passing you around the room! 
You did so good and smiled at everyone. 

Grandma Carolyn is moving out of her amazing house soon so I'm glad we got pictures of you in it!! We love you!!

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