Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Baptism and A Birthday

This morning your friend Wils was baptised at First Presbyterian Church. Dad had to work, so it was just us girls! You had on your cute Sunday Dress and long pink coat! Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the coat but you were stylin'!
We saw Tippins' mom and she is always soo nice. She made you smile soo big. We also saw Elle, who kept saying, Baby Hadley"! Tippins told me that the other night when she was saying her prayers she ended with a prayer for Baby Hadley! They are such a sweet family and I know you and Wils are going to be best friends and Elle will take good care of you both!! 

After the Baptism we went to Nana and Grandbuddy's to visit before going to lunch with Barbie!! Barbie is 72 today and  we went to lunch and a movie to celebrate. 

Unfortunately we couldn't bring you to the movies so you got to spend some time with Aunt Caroline and Grammy. Y'all strolled to Pine Lakes for lunch (I'm jealous) and then came home and took a nice long nap!!

We had a busy day today so we are both going to bed early!! Tomorrow will be a nice relaxing Sunday! 
Sleep good sweet girl! (Seriously...) 

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