Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Your first ultrasound

On this day one year ago, we saw you for the first time that you actually looked like a baby. 
(The first time we actually saw you was when you were 4 weeks at the hospital. You just looked like a bunch of cells then and we didn't even get to keep the picture!!)

Your dad and I were soo anxious and excited to see you and make sure everything was ok. We waited 9 LONG weeks before we could go to the doctor and we were so ready. 
I'll never forget the moment the doctor found you and pointed you out to us. You were already moving ALL OVER the place! Your daddy saw you move and asked the dr if she did that. She said no, that was your baby!! We both couldn't believe it. 
You were perfectly healthy and we left with the cutest pictures of you. 

I can't believe that you went from that tiny baby in my tummy to this sweet precious 5 month old big girl sleeping in my lap. You are more than I ever dreamed you would be. Being pregnant with you and finally feeling you move around was the greatest experience and I honestly loved every minute of it. I really do miss it. Now I get to see your precious smile when you recognize that in your mommy. It's so amazing. 
I love you so much baby girl.

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