Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Solid Food!!!

Today was a BIG day for you baby! 
Last night we put you to sleep in your sleep sack and we watched you roll over and over on the monitor. It was so funny! One time we woke up and saw you on your tummy with your head where your feet normally go!

Then this morning you rolled over and slept on your tummy! You slept a whole extra hour like that!!
After your exciting night you decided to sit all on your own! 

No big deal.
If that wasn't enough excitement for the day, dad and I compromised and if he would let me pick what I wanted to feed you for your first food, I said we could feed you a little early.
So at five months and almost two weeks, you had your first bites of solid food!
I was super nervous for some reason but your dad kept telling me that it was time and he was right. You were ready!
Normally people feed babies rice cereal for their first food. After doing some research I decided I wanted to go a different route with you and feed you something natural, fresh and very good for you. 
We chose AVOCADO!!
I was worried you wouldn't like it because, to be honest, I'm not a big fan!
We went with your Grammy, Aunt Ann, and Daddy to Fresh Market and picked the perfect avocado. 

We then went to target to pick up a nice tray to freeze it in, some glass bottles and spoons.

When we got home, nana, Grandbuddy and aunt Jenn came over to watch!
I was so nervous, but excited!
I nursed you first so you would be good and happy and dad puréed the avocado and mixed a little breastmilk with it. 
When we were done, we put some in your fancy baby dishes nana gave you and fed you with your pretty silver spoon. That will probably be the only time we use it!! 

I put the spoon up to your Mouth and you opened big!! You didn't know what to think for about a few seconds, but then you were moving your arms, shaking your legs and opening your mouth for more!! It was sooo cute!
You LOVED it and ate way more than I thought you would!

But you were being to clean and we thought you needed to be a little messy at your first meal, so dad stuck your hand in it!!! 

You were so funny. I'm do glad you liked it so much.

 It was a big day for you sweet girl and I'm so proud of you!!

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