Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Birthdays and Bananas

We have had a nice relaxing last couple of days with dad.  He has had the last two days (mostly) off and we have just been hanging out!!

You have taken every nap the last two days with your daddy. He knows just how to get you to sleep and sleep for a long time!! You have both really enjoyed it I think!

He also played some guitar yesterday and you loved it. You wouldn't stop staring at him! 

We also celebrated your Grandads birthday yesterday. His birthday was February 10th but your Grammy has been sick and was finally feeling better. We had a yummy dinner and of course birthday cake!

You tried bananas for the first time today. We mashed one up and mixed it with some milk. We thought you were going to really like them since they are so sweet but I really think you liked sweet potatoes and avocado more!! Bananas are wayy more messy than what you have had before! We had to change your clothes and you even got the banana in your hair! You decided you were tired half way through and rubbed your eye with your messy banana hand!!

After your dad went to a quick meeting, we ended the day with a nice walk!! 

Now you are sleeping soundly and we are watching our favorite Winter Olympic sport, Snowboard Cross!!
What a fun couple of days! Love you sweet girl! 

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