Sunday, February 9, 2014


Today was a pretty amazing Sunday. We started the day with big church and small group. You did great during big church and slept the whole time.
Dad had to lead small group for the 9th and 10th graders. So I fed you and then joined them. You got pretty antsy in your stroller so we ended up just walking around.
We met aunt Lisa and nana for lunch at pine lakes. It was soo yummy. 

You came home, scarfed down some avocado  and took a good long nap on the couch with dad. It was so perfect. 
I had to wake you up (which neither one of us was happy about) to go to a baby shower for my friend christen and her baby, Dargan. 

The baby shower was also at pine lakes! You were such a hit at the shower. Everyone was holding and loving on you. It was so nice of her to invite us. It was decorated so pretty and I had fun catching up with her and meeting her husband. I had some how never met him before and he was so nice and just perfect for christen. She even had a "naked cake". It's a cake where the barely ice the outside. It was really pretty!! 
I wish we could have stayed longer but you were getting tired (especially since I woke you up!) and hungry! 
You always take the best naps with dad. He knows just how to get you asleep quick and stay asleep for a long time. So you napped and we watched the Olympics! 

When you woke up we went and got a birthday present for your granddad and dropped off some baked ziti dad made at both grandparents houses.
It was such a fun day. We get to do so much now that dad is done with school!! 
Tomorrow we are taking a quick trip to the Lakehouse. We leave bright and early so rest up!!! Love you sweet girl!

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