Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This winter has been so crazy. It hardly ever snows or gets icy like this. You must have brought all this winter weather with you! The last two times you have been to the lake it has snowed! That literally NEVER happens!
It was super icy at the beach today. Tippins and Wils were supposed to come over and play this morning but it was a little top crazy on the roads.
We woke up bright and early and I didn't even think to look outside until about 10! It was so icy and a tree limb was already down in the back yard. There were icicles all over the house! I didn't get a picture because we have soo many of you there is ok room on my phone!! 
Dad worked last night so he woke up around 12 and we watched large limbs fall all over the yard. We heard loud pops and the lights flickered some. 
We bought you a sweet potato to try yesterday so we figured we should hurry and make it in case the power went out. I think you really liked the sweet potato. The texture is so different from an avocado so at first you were pretty insure about it. You ended up really liking it and eating a ton!

It's a good thing we hurried and made the sweet potato because the power did go out and your dad was called I to work for tonight. 
He went out and bought us all kinds of food so we would be prepared! After getting all ready he didn't end up having to go in!!! 
We went over to Grandbuddy and nanas and are a whole bunch of food they made!! 
When we got back the power was on! Thank goodness!!!
Hopefully it stays on tonight and tomorrow is a lot better!!

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