Sunday, February 16, 2014

Picture Overload

We haven't done much these last couple of days but I sure do have a ton pics!!

Starting with my fav... "These are MY sweet potatoes....."

Bathtime! The cutest baby in the world with a whale on her big deal.

February 16th

Someone found mommys silkie all on her own!

It was so nice of our President and First Lady to send us a note welcoming you to the world!! ;) 

We spent a lot of time with Aunt Sis these last two days. She took most of the cute pics! You also went over to Grammy and Granddads house to play. We have had two super relaxing days and it looks like the rest of the week will be the exact same! Love you sweet girl! 

FYI for when you have a sweet baby of your own.. Make sure you have MULTIPLE replacement pieces for your pump. Just in case your puppy chews up a part and no where in the city has the replacement piece and you have to order it on amazon and in the mean time you have to use a manual hand pump, which is the worst invention on the planet. 

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