Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekend Already???

I can't believe today is already Saturday!! We haven't done much this week. 
Just a lot of staying home and snuggling!! 

On Saturday we took a walk with aunt sis around Market Common. You had a hard time falling a sleep for a nap at home so the plan was for you to fall asleep on the walk. The plan failed horribly!  You were wide awake looking at everything! I started feeling bad about leaving the house and not trying harder to get you to nap at home but aunt sis said you needed the walk and I think she was right. It was beautiful outside and you needed some fresh air!

Thursday morning you spent a little time at Grammys and then we spent the rest of the day at home!

Friday was pretty nasty out in the morning so we waited until the afternoon when it got a little better and went on a walk around the neighborhood.

Tonight we had a wedding for some of our best college friends, Carson and Allston. Allston was in your dad's fraternity and Carson and I became close. They were even in our wedding! We had such a fun time at Allstons plantation celebrating such a sweet couple. We saw a lot of our college friends and of course they asked about you!! Everyone thinks you are so cute and can't believe how big you are getting!! It was such a pretty wedding and fun night. You are staying the night at  Grammy and Grandads. We called them on our way home and they said you are fast asleep! We are going home to sleep too so we can wake up and see you!!

Here are some pictures from this morning! You are just so cute!!

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