Monday, February 3, 2014

Aunt Ann!!

This afternoon we went to the airport to pick up your Great Aunt Ann! This was her first time meeting you and she couldn't get over how cute you were. We headed straight over to Grammys house for some play time!

Aunt Ann was on the floor playing with you and she was helping you learn to sit up. She kept saying you were working on your core!! 

She also put you on your tummy and put your Paci just out of your reach. You started trying to get it and it looked like you were swimming! She was helping you learn your back stroke so you could be like your cousin Elizabeth! 

Before dinner, Aunt Ann came to see our house and your nursery. She was so surprised by how much clothing you have! You are a pretty stylish little girl, but it's getting very hard to fit new stuff in your closet!

We had a yummy dinner of Gumbo and then it was time for you to go to bed.
Unfortunately your sleep suit is in the washer and we forgot up dry it so we are trying out the sleep sack for the first time tonight. I hope it goes okay!! 
You are going to have a fun day tomorrow with your great aunt and Grammy!

(She also brought you this little hat that she had to try out on you immediately!)

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