Monday, February 24, 2014

Books, Bedtime and Barbie

Yesterday we picked you up from Grammy and Granddads as soon as we woke up! (Which may have been a little late....) I couldn't wait to hold you! You were all smiles which made us feel soo good!! I know you had so much fun. We had lunch with them and then went home and relaxed!! You took a nice long nap with daddy. Which, of course, you both loved!! 

Later in the afternoon, we went over to Grandma Carolyn's. Like I mentioned earlier, she is moving to a smaller house and leaving the house she has lived in since your nana was little. 

Grandma Carolyn has a huge wall of old books. I'm talking OLD! There is one from August 18, 1888. Which is my birthday a hundred years before I was born!!! She wanted everyone to look through them and take what they want. So we went over to help Nana look through some of them. It was so neat to see our family members signatures in the front with their address, old golf score cards from Conway used as bookmarks, and old school books where Nana's mom wrote, "BORING"!! Daddy got a lot of history books so he was very happy! 

We are going to walk through and take pictures in every room before she moves.

After a quick trip to Nanas, we came home and got ready for bed. Daddy gave you a bath, fed you a bottle and put you to bed. I know he loves rocking you to sleep. You did really good until about 10:30. I don't know what happened but you would not stop crying! It was so sad. We finally got you calmed down after about an hour. I'm so glad daddy was here last night. I'm not sure if u would have been able to handle it!!

We all spent the morning together. Daddy napped with you for your first nap and I took the second. He cleaned the rugs while we napped. They needed it soo bad!! But of course, I couldn't keep you asleep so he ended up taking over!
He needed to go back to sleep this afternoon because he has to work tonight. So we went over nana and grand buddy's house. Barbie dropped by and was so excited to see you! You had a fun afternoon and we have made it passed 10:30 without you waking up!! 

Tomorrow we are staring a new schedule that will hopefully help you sleep better at night. It's kind of intense so it may be a little crazy the first couple of days. I hope it goes well! 

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