Thursday, February 6, 2014

Busy girl!

Yesterday was Aunt Ann's last day here. In the morning we went to Grammy's house and let Aunt Ann play with you for a little bit. She held you and you took such a good little nap! 

We met Nana, Aunt Jenn and Aunt Lisa for lunch at croissants.  Everyone had so much fun passing you around the table. We were there for almost TWO hours! I was very proud of you and when you started getting tired I decided we needed to head home for a nap. 

Later that afternoon, aunt ann and Grammy came and picked you up so they could spend a little more time loving on you. 
I had to go to GAs, so they came back and put you to sleep. I wish I could have watched them give you a bath and get you ready for bed! I hated not being there to put you down. As soon as they left and came and peeked in on you. You had already flipped to your tummy and were snoozing away!

Today we went shopping for Nanas birthday on Saturday. Grandbuddy met us at the mall and couldn't wait to hold you. 

We got all of our shopping done and then headed to nanas to see Aunt Lisa. 
We put you in the doorway jumper and you LOVED it! You had so much fun!

You have grown up so much the last week. You stare at everything like you are studying it. You have gotten so good at rolling over and sitting up a little better. 
It's crazy how much of a little personality you already have. You smile at pretty much anything!

Tonight your dad and I were drinking water and you kept reaching your hands out so we put your mouth up to the glass and you got soooo excited! As soon as we took it away you started crying! You haven't done anything like that before. It was so cute. I love you so much sweet girl and am so proud to call you my daughter. 

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