Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Schedule

Yesterday we started a new schedule that I found online by Moms On Call. It's supposed to help with sleeping at night and with introducing solids while nursing.
There is also an app that goes with my phone which makes it pretty easy to check what we are supposed to be doing when. I chose to start with the 4-6 month schedule first.

I was nursing you every 3 hours, feeding you solids once a day (in the afternoon) and on a good night you wake up at around 1 and 4 to nurse. Recently you started getting fussy and distracted while nursing and waking up multiple times at night. You were also napping 3 times a day but for only 45 minutes and you would wake up multiple times during those 45 minutes. I thought maybe you were ready to go a little longer between feedings and up your solid food to twice a day. The schedule above is a transition into 4 hours between feedings. I pretty much followed the schedule to a T yesterday except I only fed you solid food twice a day. I wanted to ease into the three times a day deal. 

It was a LONG day! I think just because it was new and we already a schedule that you were really used to. The pros of yesterday were that you didn't seem as distracted at feedings and nursed for longer. You took a good hour and a half nap and then a little over 2 hour nap, with a little 30 minute catnap closer to bedtime. The cons were the solid food feedings. You were not interested at all. I think you were too tired during both feedings. They weren't close to you waking up from a nap so you just weren't that happy. We went for a nice walk to nanas and I think that was good for you to get out for a little bit!

Also, bedtime was HORRIBLE! I put you down asleep but after about 15 minutes you were wide awake. I watched you on the monitor roll around and play for probably 15 minutes before you started crying. I put your Paci in, left and started my timer for 5 minutes. You cried the whole time. It was awful. After 5 minutes I put your Paci back in and you fell asleep until 11:45. After that you were up about every hour until 3. Then you woke up at 6:30 and I somehow manged to get you back to sleep and sleep until 8. 
Which through our schedule today slightly off. 

It was rainy and nasty today so we didn't really get out of the house. I think it made you a little crazy. You still slept good a nap time but other than that it wasn't a great day of the new schedule. You hated your solid food both times and were just in a weird mood all day. 

(We were trying on your new baseball

Tomorrow I'm going to switch to the 6 month schedule because it's easier for me to remember and I understand it better. I think the other one was too much of 3 hours between feeding, then 3.5, then 4.5. It wasn't very consistent and you are used to a consistent schedule. 

This is what we are going with tomorrow. And it's going to be nice out, so we are taking a LONG walk! I hate you being confused starting something new. I hope we both get the hang of it soon!!! I love you baby girl!!!

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