Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Nana!

Today is your nanas 53rd birthday. 
She spent the day rocking and playing with you. Y'all had so much fun together!
The family was at Nanas house to celebrate her birthday. Even Aunt Lisa was there. We had BBQ, cake and watched the Olympics. It was such a fun, low key day!

This day last year we told Nana, Grandbuddy and Aunt Jen you were coming. 
I remember being soo excited to share the special news with them. 
I even had a countdown in my phone conting down the days until we could tell our family. 
I made a onesie that said, "I love My Nana!" and wrapped in a bag as one of her gifts. 
I was so nervous and excited to hand her the gift bag. 
I was recording her reaction on my phone and dad was recording it on his too. 
She started to pull out the onesie and thought it was a pair of socks for some weird reason!
 I had to tell her to look at it and she finally figured it out and said, "REALLY?!??!" Nana showed Aunt Jen and then Grandbuddy was trying to figure out what everyone was yelling for!! 
They all couldn't believe it.their reaction was exactly what I hoped for and I started crying. 
It was such a picture perfect moment that I'll never forget. 

I can't believe that it's been one year and that we are celebrating my moms birthday with you here. It blows my mind. You were such a wish for so long and to rock you in my arms and see my family play with you and hold you doesn't seem real. 
I love you so much and you make everyday so much brighter. Especially birthdays! 

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