Sunday, March 30, 2014

Seven Month Update

This month literally flew by. I can't believe it's already almost April and you are seven months old. We didn't do a whole lot this month but you learned soo many new things exploring at home.  Dad and I sit back and watch you wondering what you are going to get into next!

You are nursing every 4 hours and eating solids about 3 times a day. Sometimes we miss a feeding of solids and it doesn't seem to affect you. This eating schedule seems to be working out good for both of us! The solid foods you are eating now are apples, sweet potatoes, bananas and avocado. We have pears that we are going to try and also need to find a new veggie to introduce. I thought it was going to be really overwhelming trying to think about your solid food feedings as well as everything else but it has been going great and the food prep has been soo much easier than I expected it to be. 

We really worked on your napping this month. I loved holding you for naptime but you started getting uncomfortable and I needed a little time to
Get some things done. It took you about two weeks to have a really good nap in your crib. It was such a tuff two weeks but now that I see that you can nap for long periods in the crib it makes your off days a little easier. You have a really hard time getting past the first 45 minutes without waking up. It's literally 45 minutes on the dot when you start fussing. I go in rub your back and put your Paci back in. Sometimes you fall right to sleep and sometimes I really have to work at it.

You are still waking up to eat twice at night. The first time is around 11 and the second around 3. The pediatrician said we need to drop the nighttime feedings and I'm trying to ease you into it. She said to drop them both at once but I'm not comfortable with that yet. I have been coming in when you cry at 11 but rubbing your back instead of picking you up and feeding you. So technically we have dropped the first feeding but you are still waking up. Hopefully you will get the memo soon!!

You weigh 18 pounds and are 25 inches long. You are in size 3 diapers and wear size 6-12 month clothes. The nine month are still a little big for you. You don't have any teeth yet but may be starting to teeth. We aren't quite sure yet. 

You are crawling around like crazy! You go all over the place and are literally into everything. We are having to
Rearrange furniture and put some things in storage that we are scared you will bump your head on! It's crazy how fast you went from sitting to moving everywhere. 

You are the most precious happy girl in the world. You LOVE bathtime and always have the biggest smile and laugh when you bounce out of the bath. You also love your bouncy and could stay in it forever if mommy would let you. You also love to touch peoples faces! Even strangers. It gets a little awkward sometimes when someone says your cute and you reach out for their face..... 

We are so in love with you and look forward to what this month has in store!

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