Monday, March 17, 2014

Picture Time!!!

We haven't been doing a whole lot lately but we have been taking a ton of pictures!!!!!

Good Morning!!! You had a GREAT nap at nanas! You showed your mommy not to be so worried about nothing!

You LOVE Sammy! He's not quite sure about you yet, but he is always so nice when you grab and pull on his ears or nose!

Aunt Sis got you some new stylin' sunnies!

They match your car perfectly!

You now eat THREE times a day! Avocado isn't your favorite anymore but if I mix it with a fresh banana and make this face you will sometimes at least open your mouth.

Mommy has needed lots of coffee since you are now attempting to nap in your crib. Fortunately you have more good napping days than bad!

I wish you woke up from every nap smiling this big!

"I want MORE!!!!!!!"

When will it be sunny and warm again so we can go to the beach?!

You are SUCH a big girlie!

Grammy's friend, Mrs Gwen's mom (whew!) made you this cute hat! She also made two when we found out we we're having you! One for if you were a boy and one for a girl!!

You LOVE your bathtime!!

Daddy has had to work 7 nights in a row and he has missed you so much! He wakes up early as many days as he can so he can play with you and hold you. This morning after he got home from the gym and got in bed you started crying. He got up and held you for an extra hour so I could sleep a little bit. You have the best daddy ever who loves you sooo much!!!

And I love you too sweet girl. We go in the morning for your 6 month check up. You are actually 6 months and 3 weeks but the doctor was at the hospital during your last appointment so we had to reschedule. I can't wait to see how much you weigh and how long you are. You have definitely grown a lot!!! But I'm going to be saying a lot of prayers tonight and in the morning for when you have to get your shots. It's just soo sad!!!! Love you baby girl. 

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