Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I had GA's tonight so aunt sis and nana put you to bed. I hate not being there to feed you and put you to sleep!! It makes me so sad! But I have fun the girls at GAs and they were in quite the hyper mood tonight!

They were all soooo funny and bouncing off the walls. It was hard to stay in track but somehow we got through the lesson. They were all being so cute and saying the funniest things, it was hard not to laugh! I just sat there thinking about how fun you will be at their age. I can't wait to see you joking and laughing with your friends. 

BUT! I am not ready for that yet! I'm perfectly happy with you staying a little tiny baby for now! It will just be such an amazing thing to see you grow up and turn into the sweet little girl that I know you will be. I love you with all of my heart BABY girl!!

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