Sunday, March 2, 2014

6 Month Update

Happy SIX months baby girl!!!
Your half birthday is here! I don't believe myself when I tell people you are now six months old! Your daddy and I had a major debate over when you actually turned six months. You turned five months on January 30th so six months would be February 30th, which doesn't exist... He said February 28th (the last day of the month), I said March 2nd. Looking back...(I hate to admit this) but I think your dad was RIGHT!!!! Either way, you are now half way to your First Birthday. Which is completely insane! 

Your sleeping kind of leveled out at the beginning of the month. You went back to waking up at around midnight and four only. I can handle that. But then all of the sudden you started waking up a couple more times a night. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean you are confined to your crib for TWELVE hours! Of course you are going to get hungry, or just bored! If I was stuck in bed that long I would for sure be watching tv or eating too! But I know you need your sleep and you need to learn how to sleep. If you stuck to just waking up to eat twice we would be just fine. We are trying to figure out a way to teach you how to fall back asleep on your own if you are not hungry. I'm not really comfortable with letting you cry for long periods of time. 5 minutes is about my limit!! We are working on it though! 

One night, your magic sleep suit wasn't dry yet so we had to use a sleep sack for the first time. I was pretty worried you weren't going to like it and have a hard time sleeping. After I put you down and looked at the monitor, you had rolled onto your tummy!! You slept like that for soo long! Now as soon as we put you in the crib on your back you immediately flip right over onto your tummy! 

Towards the end of the month we started a new schedule. You weren't nursing very well (VERY distracted) and your naps were getting shorter and shorter. So we started a new 4 hour nursing schedule and 2-3 nap schedule. Around 8:30 am you fall asleep for (ideally) an hour and a half. Then at 12:30 you take a two hour nap followed by a 45 minute nap at around 4:30-5. It seems to be working good for now!

This month you started eating BABY FOOD! Your first solid food was avocado! Some family members thought I was crazy for not giving you rice cereal first but you really enjoyed the avocado and ate a ton of it!! We then tried Sweet Potatoes, Bananas and just recently, applesauce! You really enjoy all of it but I've learned that you can't be tired at all when you eat. If you are you don't eat nearly as much! I also started having a sippy cup available at meal times. It has about 2 ounces of milk in it and most of it ends up on your bib but that's ok! You can't get enough of "trying" to drink out of it. It's so funny!!! 

Just today we switched you to size 3 diapers. You had a couple messes so we thought it was time!! (Sorry, tmi, I know!!) They are pretty big on you but still fit. You can still wear 3-6 month clothes but are in mostly 6 and 6-12 months. You have seemed to stay right on track as far as clothing sizes go. 

This month me, you and daddy took a little overnight trip to the lake all by ourselves. It was so much fun. And guess what?! It SNOWED!!! That's the second time it has snowed that you have been there. That's pretty crazy!! We also had a pretty bad ice storm at the beach. Limbs fell all over our backyard and we lost power for about 6 hours. 
Your Great Aunt Ann and Aunt Lisa came to visit this month. They had so much fun playing with and spending time with you!!
We also celebrated Valentines Day with a trip to Laundrys for dinner with Grandbuddy! Unfortunately, Daddy was working but he still got us some sweet valentines day gifts! 

This month has gone by so fast. I truly can't believe it. You have learned so much this month like sitting up and eating. It's crazy how much you have grown. We haven't been to the dr yet but I think you are about 17 pounds!! 
You laugh so much at everyone's silly faces and noises. It's just amazing to me what a sweet little girl you are turning into with so much personality. I love you so much and I hope the next 6 months goes a little slower!!!! 

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