Saturday, March 15, 2014

Scooting and Napping

March 13

Baby! You are getting soooo big. You are looking more and more like a little girl and learning so many new things!

You are talking up a storm but haven't quite mastered "mama" or "dada". But we say it over and over about a gazillion times a day so you are probably just over it!!! 

You are starting to figure out how to CRAWL!! If we put you on the blanket and put a toy  in front of you, you will get up on your knees and army crawl to the toy! Sometimes you topple over and sometimes you just scoot all around, but one way or another you WILL get your toy!

We have been working on your napping in the crib for the last week. Believe me baby, I would hold you forever but you were getting uncomfortable fast and waking up multiple times. 

For just about every nap until today, you would sleep for 45 minutes and then wake up. No matter what we tried you would not go back to sleep. This happened at every nap time. It was exhausting for both of us. I was so worried about your nap today because Ingrid came so we had to go to Nanas house. It came time for your nap and you slept for your normal 45 minutes. You woke up and cried for 5 minutes and then I came in and gave you your Paci and rubbed your back for about 5 minutes and then you were fast asleep!! I couldn't believe it! I snuck out and you slept for a whole hour!!!!! Aunt Sis and I were both amazed! I even went in and checked on you! You woke up so happy and ready to play. 

Hopefully you sleep just as well during nap time tomorrow. Love you sweet baby.

Oh yeah and this was that one time we put you in a bag........

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