Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunny Days!

The last two days have been soo beautiful! Sunny and warm. Thank goodness because we were going a little crazy without our daily walks.

You LOVE to go for walks in your stroller. Sometimes we walk over to Nana's and visit or we will just walk around the neighborhood. It's so fun to get outside in the sunshine and a nice change from just playing on the floor!! Now that Daddy is on his new schedule, he can go on our afternoon walks with us. It's been really nice for us all to go together. 

We have really settled into our new routine now and we both really like it. You have done great on eating solids twice a day and nursing every 4 hours. We go to the doctor on Thursday so we will ask her to make sure we are doing everything right!! 

Last night we set our clocks ahead an hour for daylight savings time. It did a number on both of us!! I was sooo tired when 7:30 came this morning and I was even more confused when I woke up at 5:30 and dad wasn't home yet! He had to finish his shift on the 4:30 schedule and then went to the gym!! Right now I'm feeding you and rocking you to sleep but it's still daylight outside! Let's pray your room is dark enough for you!

Today you started scooting up on your knees to reach things. It's only a matter of time before your crawling. Daddy and I have to get on the chill proofing because you will be in to everything before we know it!!! 

I love you baby girl. Sweet Dreams! Or as our favorite book says: "Your dreams will be arriving soon. They'll float to you in sleeps balloon." 

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