Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mobile Baby!!

HadleyFace!!!!! (We call you that sometimes...hope it's ok!) You are ON THE MOVE! 

We have to keep a constant eye on you or who knows what you will get in to!
Changing your diaper and putting clothes on you is getting SOO hard. You literally will not stay still! I feel like your brain is just going 500 miles a minute saying, "oohhhh what's that? I NEED it, NOW!!!!!!!".  You are constantly rolling when you are on the changing table. Now I know what the purpose of those straps attached are, to keep you from rolling over so I can change your diaper as fast as I possibly can. And of course to keep you from falling off! 
See your changing table?

All of that stuff on both sides? That's all got to go immediately. You want to grab everything no matter what it is and put it in your mouth or play with it! 

You have a huge bruise on your forehead from moving all over the crib and banging it on the rails. So, against my wishes, we had to add the bumpers to your crib. You aren't supposed to have bumpers or anything in the crib because they pose as a risk for suffocation. But I think that since you are so mobile now you will know to move your face away from it. I really didn't want to add them but that bruise is huge and I know it hurts!!
Tomorrow we have a photo session for you. I'm super worried because you just won't stay still and prefer your mommy to strangers. Which is a good thing!!  Hopefully it goes well and we make it out with minimal tears and some cute pics! 
Love you baby girl!

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