Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crazy weekend

Things have been pretty crazy around here!! We have been going nonstop I feel like. 

You have been on the MOVE! Everyte I turn around you are doing something new. It's crazy!! You scoot all over the living room and we have started to rearrange furniture to prevent little bumps! I can't believe we are already to this stage! Just today we sat you in the crib and you pulled up from sitting position to standing!!! 

Last Wednesday our cousin sandra and her boyfriend came to meet you. You were so smily and happy meeting them!! We went for a stroll around Broadway, which I haven't been to in YEARS, and had so much fun. Even dad was able to join us!

I had GA that night so Aunt Sis watched you and sent me the cutest picture!

On Thursday we did some yard work and hung out with Sandra some more. Dad was off Thursday night so we had fun all being at home together!

Friday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Charleston to meet up with the Barrett's!

 They are some longtime family friends that we haven't seen in forever. Megan did come visit you when you were about 3 months old. She was so good at getting you to go to sleep and give mommy a little break! It was such a treat to see them! Megan and her boyfriend tom live all the way in Palm Springs, California. Mr. Rick and Mrs Wanda live in Pennsylvania. It was so nice for us all to be together and share stories of the past! Megan and Tom are moving closer to the east coast soon. Thank Goodness!!!! They also have a son named chase who was best friends with aunt sis growing up. He lives in PA and wasn't able to come down because of work.... Hopefully we will get to see him soon!

It was such a fun day in Charleston for all of us except your poor daddy. He came down with a stomach bug and was so sick all day Friday and all night. It was so sad. Your nana and aunt sis watched you on Saturday just to make sure you didn't catch it. Thankfully I think you and I are in the clear and daddy is feeling a little bit better! 

Tomorrow we are meeting up with Tippins and Wils for a play date!! It will be so fun to see y'all together!!! 
Love you sweet baby!

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