Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eight Month Update!!!!!

Happy EIGHT months sweet girl!!!!

This month had to have been one of my favorites! You are soo mobile, expressive and happy. You are aware of everything around you and just want to explore it all. You are happy and smiley pretty much all of the time except when it's getting close to nap or bedtime. Then you won't let me put you down!!!

Our schedule is pretty much the same as the past couple of months. Nap times have gotten wayy easier and you have no problem sleeping an hour and a half or longer for both naps. The late afternoon nap sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. If it doesn't happen we push your bedtime up about 30 minutes and it works out fine. 

You tried squash for the first time and liked it ok. You like it a lot better when I add bananas! In the morning you usually have bananas or applesauce. Then the other two meals vary depending on what I have made. 

For some reason you have started HATING bathtime! You used to love it. I have no idea what happened. Your tub might be getting too small or something. I really don't know!

You have slept through the night soo many times this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not every night yet, but we are getting there. When you wake up I can see you grab your Paci, put it back in and rub your face with your bunny on the monitor. It's so cute and you fall right back asleep without me having to go in! 

I think your sleeping hasn't been consistent because you have started teething. This teething stuff is no joke. On Easter you had a runny nose, cough and fever all because of teething. It's insane. I got you one of those Amber Necklaces and it has really helped. We haven't really had a bad night since you have been wearing it. Your front right tooth on the bottom has broken through the skin but isn't all the way in yet. The one right beside it will be coming up soon too. 

I went to target and Kangaroo Pouch and bought pretty much every teething thing they had!!! I feel so bad for you. I know it hurts so much! And these are only your first two... We have many more to go!

We have had such a fun month between cousin Sandra visiting, your dedication, Easter and Aunt Sis' birthday!!! It has been a busy month and I have loved every minute of it. 

I almost forgot! You started saying MA MA!!! I wanted you to say da da first but that's ok! You really only say it when your mad... But you will reach both hands in the air and shout MA MA over and over again! It's pretty cute. 

I love you so much sweet girl and am so proud of the little girl you are turning into. You aren't afraid of strangers (is that bad???) and smile at EVERYONE! I can't wait to see what next month holds. I love you with all of my heart baby girl. 

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