Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sick week...

Well, the stomach bug has hit our house hard! Daddy and I have had a long week of being sick. Thankfully you haven't gotten it yet. As soon as we got sick we sent you off to Grammys and nanas.
You were gone for two nights and we missed you soo much! It was so hard not being able to see you. We did get to FaceTime with you and you were all smiles. It made us feel soo much better. Aunt sis stroller you over one day to see me also. I was so excited to go outside and just see you smile at me! I even put makeup on before you saw me, I didn't want to scare you!! 

Before this awful plague rolled in you had a fun play date with Wils. At first you were pretty into it. You just stared at him but then something changed and you decided you didn't want to play anymore!!

It was fun to see them and take pictures to show y'all when your in high school! ;) 

This week was an awful week to get sick because today is your baby dedication. Thankfully we planned for it to be at Grammys house instead of our house. But I still had so many cute things to do and make to prepare. It's ok though, you won't even know those things aren't there. 
We went to help Grammy set up yesterday and daddy brought you over after your nap. We did a little more playing than setting up... 
Grammy wanted your handprints for a sign she made and you handled it surprisingly well!

Then daddy decided it was time you experienced grass. He set you down and you grabbed at it for a little bit before deciding you were over it and ready to be clean and clothed!!

I love you baby girl and I'm so happy I get to be your mommy. I missed you so much those couple of days but if you would have gotten sick, it would have been terrible. I'm looking so forward to seeing all of our family today and having such a fun day celebrating YOU! 

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