Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sawyer's Home!!!!!!!!!

Our sweet cat Sawyers has been missing for almost two weeks. The last time I saw him was when I was stuck in the bed with the stomach bug and he came and cuddled with me. We were so worried about him and talked about him all day yesterday. 

Well this morning at about 10:00, we were playing in the sun room when Sawyer came busting through the doggy door. He was meowing soooo loud and jumped right up to his food and stayed there for a good five minutes. Poor buddy was soo hungry! I started screaming SAWYERS HOME!!!!! He was so happy to see us. He literally jumped up on my shoulder which he never does. We sat there and petted him for forever.
It didn't seem like he was hurt or anything but he was skinny and dirty. I feel so bad for him and just wonder where he had been. 

We went out this afternoon and got him a nice new bed and he loves it!

We also took you for a ride on your new trike and he followed us meowing the whole way.

I really can't believe he came home. Daddy and I were both pretty worried about him!!!!!

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