Sunday, April 20, 2014

Your First Easter!

Happy First Easter baby girl!!

You woke up this morning not feeling very well. You had a runny nose, cough and low fever. I feel so bad for you! Your first tooth is trying to come through so I'm pretty sure it's all related to teething. 
Like daddy and aunt sis said, it's not enough that a tooth is erupting through your skin, you have all this other bad stuff on top of it!

You were soo tired this morning and fell
asleep easy and quick for your morning nap. I had plenty of time to get myself ready for church. I even had to (unfortunately) wake you up so we could get to church on time!! 

We could all tell you weren't feeling good and you were such a trooper through church. I didn't want to put you in the nursery just yet and especially with you not feeling well.

Daddy was a trooper also. He got off work at 4 and we had to be at church at 9:45. Then go to nana and grandbuddys for basically the whole afternoon. He sacrifices so much for us. 

You took a nice nap at nanas and woke up just in time for lunch! You still weren't feeling well so I held you in your sling for a little bit and I think that helped. 

It finally came time to see what the Easter bunny brought you! You were so much more into your Easter basket than I thought you would be! You were pulling everything out and chewing on it. It was so funny and we were so surprised!! You loved everything and wanted to play immediately!

The Easter Bunny also brought you an awesome Red Ryder Tricycle! It's so neat because it grows with you from 9 months to 3 years!! The Easter Bunny told me how excited he was to give it to you and how he had been thinking about it for a while!! We strapped you in and ride you around the house and you really liked it! You were smiling and kicking your feet! If say the Easter bunny did a great job!!

After lunch we came home and you passed out for almost two hours. You were soo tired and not feeling well so you really needed a nice long nap. (Mommy did too!!) 

We had such a great first Easter with you. I hate it that you didn't feel well and I hope this teething nonsense gives us a break soon!! 

Easter is such a fun day to celebrate with our friends and family. I always want you to remember that Easter is truly about the  celebration of Jesus rising from the dead so he could save us all. He paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can live the amazing life we live. We should always be grateful to Him for this amazing act and for giving us all of the wonderful blessings that we have each day. It's easy to forget how blessed we are. I want you to always remember everything He has done for us and to thank him each day for saving us from our sins and rising from the dead so that we may have eternal life with him. He is the true reason we celebrate today.

I love you baby girl and im so proud of you. 

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