Saturday, April 12, 2014

Your Dedication

Today was a very special day for you sweet girl. Today was your dedication day.

As baptists, we have a celebration called dedication where we welcome you to the world and dedicate ourselves and you to The Lord. We as your parents make a vow to raise you in a godly home and teach you about Christ. This is normally done at church with a couple other babies that are born around the same time. Unfortunately your dad had to work and some things were misunderstood for the church dedication. But Daniel, our cousin said he would come and dedicate you at home.

My side of the family is baptist but your dad grew up Catholic and his family still goes to the Catholic Church. They have a christening or baptism at your age instead of a dedication. It is a huge deal for Catholics and family and friends normally come to see it. To bring both sides together we decided to have a dedication but with a nice party like they would have done if you were baptised. 
We had it at your Grammy and Granddads house and a lot of our family came to be a part and see you. It was such a fun, sweet day.
You wore the same dress your dad and aunt Caroline were baptized in.

You did really good throughout the dedication, except for the very end you got a little fussy but it's understandable!!
Daniel read from the a small bible that was his Grandfathers. We called him Uncle Geepie but Daniel called him Grandbuddy. That's why you call my dad Grandbuddy. He was sooo funny and always joking around. He used to pretend suck his thumb with me and he had a little handkerchief he made into a mouse and called meesy. He would make it run all the way up his arm and then catch it! He was such a wonderful man and he actually married my parents. And Daniel married us. Anyway, it was so nice of Daniel to ready from uncle geepies bible and make the whole dedication so much more personal. 

After, we took a ton of pictures and got you back in your comfy Jammie's! Aunt Sis tried to get you to take a nap but you weren't having it. You wanted to party! So you came back down and played. Finally Fonda used her magic and once again got you right to sleep. 

(That's justin making you soo comfy!)

Tonight you were soo tired that you started falling asleep in your bath! You have never done that before! 

We had such a wonderful day celebrating you with our family. It was a perfect celebration of you and Christ's Love. I'm so thankful for the joy you have brought into my life and I love watching you grow into the most beautiful sweetest little girl. I love you with all of my heart and I praise God everyday for the amazing gift he has blessed your daddy and I with. 

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