Monday, November 23, 2009

Wedding Dream...

So I have had wedding dreams before but, last
Something went wrong and the date had to be pushed up to June 6th (6 days before my actual wedding).
The wedding was still at Pine Lakes, but somehow it had morphed into a Bed, Bath and Beyond version of Pine Lakes.

There were a million different rooms, each one featuring a mop or towels.
I went through each room with my sister and she was telling me how awful it looked, and i thought "how dare she tell me my wedding is awful!" (Jenn you are obvs the wise one!)
I then went to the front of the building and saw Della (the wedding planner) on the phone with the florist.
She finished the call and looked at me and told me that the flowers are not in,  and we would have to go to the grocery store...
I ran around to the side of building and just started crying!
Because its okay we are getting married in Bed Bath and Beyond but not okay that the flowers are coming from the grocery store!?  What am i thinking!
So she got the flowers and just started throwing hydrangea off the porch!
Saying "Beautiful, Beautiful!"
(Meanwhile I am already dressed to the hill in my dress, shoes and veil!)
The guests were all there already and I went to the bartender to get a drink.
She handed me a coke (which was NOT what i wanted!) and said that will be 8.50. (WHAT!!!?????!!!)
First of all EIGHT DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS for a COKE! Second of all I'm obvs the BRIDE!
I told her i had no money right then because i was already dressed, with no pockets! (and why should I have money anyway!!)  and what do you know, she turns me away! I cannot even have my coke!
(This is where it gets a little blurry)
The next thing i remember is that my veil changed into some kind of head dress thing,
Think Celine Dion's veil!

And i was adjusting it and itching and thinking why did i pick this!!!
Then i "wake up".  You know when you are in a dream that is so real, you think you are awake but you really aren't?
Yep, that's what happened.
So I sat down and made a list of what I learned from my dream to tell Della, and this is how it went:
1) Can we make sure all of the rooms in Bed Bath and Beyond are decorated to make it look like there is not a broom and dust pan hiding behind a curtain?  Some of the rooms looked fabulous but the others needed a little bit of help.  My sister was telling me how it looked like the store and we don't want that!
2) Is BB&B going to shut down the day of the wedding?  Or are we going to have to rope off a section to get married?
3) If they are open, how do we arrange for the customers to still be able to shop? (What in the world!?)

Then i went back into the dream and my mom and I were trying to find my dad to walk me down the aisle.  We were sitting behind this huge curtain thing and guys kept walking back there.  Mom and I were like NEXT, thats not him!  We did this at least 5 times! Then finally my dad comes back 20 years younger and with his shirt unbuttoned (WHAT?).  We got him dressed and turned back into my real dad and i gave him the biggest hug in the entire world and just cried and cried!

Then I woke up!  For real this time!

Wow what a weird dream....

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  1. hahaha thats amazing! gotta love celine! I had a dream last night that we both went to the beach with Britney Spears AND...........Whitney Houston! weird dream night!!! Love you sis