Monday, November 9, 2009


So you know that Peace class that I am in? That I "loved" so much...
Well that was the first day..
Today I am not enjoying it as much as I did the first day.
The class is so focused on Republican or Democrat and Peace is the absence of War.
Which the professor said in the beginning would not be the issue of the class.
The class would be inner peace, peacemakers, etc.
I knew that there would be a lot of discussion on war, who wants war? I don't but what are the alternatives...
This is what we are learning in this class.
Today we watched a clip of Fox News with a scientist speaking out about how global warming is not happening like Al Gore is saying.
During the entire clip everyone in my class was laughing and saying "is this a joke?".
I am an avid Fox News supporter.  I know that they are not as "fair and balanced" as they say but that is my go to source for whats happening in the world.
I strongly believe in searching out other sources of news because everything is somewhat biased.
We then watched Katie Couric interview Al Gore and no one had any comments.
Its just interesting to me the way people respond to different things.
I am a republican by my voting history, but if a democrat ran for an office and i believed in the things they were saying or doing i would not hesitate to vote for them.
I think that there should be no R or D beside the names on the ballot.
People need to come into the booth educated and knowledgeable of the candidates.
Not vote for someone just because they are a member of your party.

I just wish the class wasn't so centered around politics and more around other aspects of peace that people do not think about.  I mean i guess it is my fault...what was I expecting signing up for a Sociology of Peace class....

Oh and one girl spoke up about global warming being blown out of proportion and everyone kind of hushed her as though she did not know what she was talking about.  Another person said that in his mind a lot of people don't want their tax dollars to go to global warming research.  And the teacher came back and said but they don't care if we spend such and such of their tax dollars on weapons of mass destruction.

As much as I am not sure about this class, it does make you think about you truly believe and why.....

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  1. I ran into a lot of that at Clemson, especially right before Obama won the election. It's almost like they just supported him so that they could be "cool" and alternative. It drives me nuts, because a lot of people don't actually consider conservative views, they just automatically want something different, regardless of whether different is better or not.