Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wanna eat at the kid's table!!!!!!!

I think one of the most fun parts of a wedding is seeing little kids running around!  We have a good amount of kids coming ten and I cannot wait to create a fun space for them.  I have decided on doing a kids table on the patio of the reception space.  Here are some pictures of ones that i!!!
ead Kid Table   Love Love LOVE!
Pretty sure this one is my fav!! I LOVE the huge balloons!!!!
So much fun! The one below is a closeup of the place settings!
Kids Table
I love the centerpiece and the lollipops!!

(brian dorsey photography)
I think this one is sweet! I love the goody bag filled with all kinds of kiddie goodness!!

Cute brightly colored sand buckets! Perfect for a wedding close to the beach!

This is perfect for a table that fits into the formal surroundings! Love the cupcakes!

The activity pages are a must!!! So adorable and i love anything personalized!!

I am also planning on giving one of these cameras to each child so they can play photographer for the night!
Waverly Pink and Green Damask Table Runner
I am also planning on purchasing this table runner for the Kids Table.
A nice fun splash of color would be perfect!

Now if we could combine all of these tables in one big, fun, kiddie mess!

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