Monday, November 2, 2009

Randomness..Exams Schedule...

Well today in class instead of paying close attention to the art of the way Vienna was designed...
I looked up my exam schedule.
And this is how it goes.......

Wednesday December 9-
History of American Vernacular and Material Culture from 4:00pm-7:00
Happy Birthday Dad!!!!
Saturday December 12-
Painting Exam 8-11
I am 99% sure we don't have a final in this class
 Policing in a Modern Society 12-3
I am 100% sure we don't have this final!!!! 
   (yay for a possibly free saturday during exam week!!!)
Monday December 14-
Global Tourism 4-7
Pretty sure this is a take home exam!
Wednesday December 16-
City as a Work of Art 9-12
  Sociology of Peace 7:30 to 10:30pm
(this should be illegal!)
It is quite possible I have an entire week in between only three exams!
I pray this is right!

Then I'm done and ready for CHRISTMAS BREAK!!
In between now and break i have soo many fun filled weekends!

Home to see the fam 
and to do a ride along with a police officer for my class..
(super nervous about this whole riding in a car with a police officer thing)
Thanksgiving Break!!
KA Mountain Weekend!

This is going to go by sooo fast......

I should have paid attention in class...
Vienna is soo pretty!
I want to go to there!
(in the voice of Tina fey! haha)


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