Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Couture for the Cure!

A couple of Sundays ago,
my future mother-in-law and I
attended a fabulous afternoon of tea and

It was a wonderful event put on by Little White Dress
to benefit Brides Against Breast Cancer.
The atmosphere of this event was something I have never experienced before.
Everyone was so interested in the true reason why we were there, to benefit breast cancer.
A lot of times when we go to fundraisers, the initial reason you are there is put on the back burner in lieu of the food, or the excitement of dressing up.

Couture for the Cure did a fabulous job keeping Breast Cancer at the forefront of people's minds.
The fashion was wedding related and they showed mother of the occasion dresses, flower girl dresses and wedding dresses.
Breast Cancer survivors modeled the mother of the occasion dresses and, woah baby, did they do a great job!
They walked down that runway like they owned it! So proud and poised.
As soon as the survivors hit the runway everyone erupted in applause and kept it going almost the entire time. I was so touched by the smiles that these brave women displayed.
It was such a joyful smile that was truly touching.

You could tell by looking at them how proud they were and how strong they were to overcome this.
The whole time they were strutting their stuff everyone could not stop smiling!
I thought what a way to celebrate life,
to wear a beautiful dress, get all made up, and walk down a runway with a huge smile and everyone applauding YOU.
Not the outfit, but you...

The girls modeling the wedding dresses looked like they were straight out of New York fashion week!
They did a great job also.

When we arrived they gave us "swag"bags filled with goodies and a booklet on the dresses shown.

We were looking through it and saw MY dress!!
Then we saw MY NAME!!!!!
We thought hmmm did everyone who bought a dress from here have their name next to their dress??

The dresses started coming down the runway and they were all beautiful, but then i saw mine!
I was so excited i could not smiling from ear to ear!
I looked over at the owner of the store, Melanie, and she was waving at me and smiling!
It was such a wonderful experience.
After the show Melanie came up to me and asked, "Did you notice your dress?!"
I was like OF COURSE!!!
Then she asked, "did you notice the name?"
She said, "We named the dress after you."
She spoke about how precious the day was that we came into the store and said that from now on that dress would be the "Jessica Dress"!!!
I said, "FOREVER??????"
she said "forever.."
Talk about woah baby!
What a wonderful moment that i will never forget!
I am so honored and touched!
I can't believe it!
I can't believe how wonderful this whole experience has been!
I can't believe how easy everything has been!
I can't believe I am getting married!

Thanks so much to all of the ladies a Little White Dress for putting on this wonderful event.
It was truly a heart warming experience that touched many lives.
I am looking so forward to going again next year and bringing a whole bunch a girls dressed in pink to celebrate life!

(sorry about all of the "woah baby"s! hehe)

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  1. how WONDERFUL! SO glad you got to be a part of that event! and what good news about your dress! I think I would have bursted into tears :)