Sunday, November 1, 2009

Still Deciding....and Halloween Weekend!

So this is a super long sorry! I get off on tangents and i probably should have made this into three posts...but Oh Well!!  
Bridesmaid Dresses!
Here are some pictures of ones that i like.
The Watters, and 2 Be Social are the ones that Little White Dress carries.
 The others are just some that I like! Also the first color is a default color.
 I think i want something in cream, light blue, or light green.


2 Be Social 

These are my favorite! I just saw that they are adding more looks to the Cotton Cady Collection for Spring 2010.  I think i may order one of these to see what they are like..and because i just love them!
I love how they could pick different styles in the same color as mentioned earlier.

Jenn's (my sis and MOH) dress could have a white sash around it to match my dress!!

I was considering Lula Kate dresses but i went into their store a while ago and they told us one price for a certain dress and then i went back because the price was so good and it was $100 more.........crazy....
so i don't think that will work!


Halloween was last night!! yay!!!! 
On Friday night we went to a KA (charlie's fraternity) party. 
We hadn't planned on going but decided to last we through together some outfits!
 I was Audrey Hepburn and Charlie was a Canadian..haha he basically looked like himself and just said "Aye" (or however you spell it) the whole time!  
There were a lot of interesting costumes there like a girl dressed as White Trash, the Ipod man shadow, Jenn's bf is a pledge and they made him be the Pillsbury Dough Boy! 
 It was so funny! 
 Of course all the girls were dressed in tinsy skirts and even smaller shirts..but they all looked great so if they can wear it..go for it...but i could NEVER!!! haha 

This is Stephanie the Spelling Bee, Carson the Dalmatian, Jenn the best sister ever!, Me as Audrey, and Jennifer as A Cowgirl!

Melanie and Me!  I was trying to act like Audrey was being shielded from the rain! once again..didn't work! haha Melanie looks super cute though!

Then Halloween was the big game!  
Kevin Cooper
Tenn vs. USC! yay!! 
The vols celebrated Halloween by wearing awesome black jerseys!
The morning started out with everyone of Charlie's friends saying that USC was soo gonna win and the Vols had no chance..but of course, the Vols did AMAZING and won 31-13!
 It was an awesome game! 

We watched it at Carson's (the dalmatian above and one of my wonderful bridesmaids!) house.
It was so much fun!  
It was such a fun i have go to back to school tomorrow......blahhhhhh im soooo over it! Thank the Lord this is my last year! 
But this weekend we are going to the lake!!!!!!!! 
and its supposed to be 77 and sunny! yay!! I can't wait!

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  1. All the dresses are beautiful, but I LOVE that cream colored dress. They style looks great!