Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maid of Honor: Jennifer (the sis)

My Maid of Honor is 
my beautiful sis Jennifer!
She is not only my sister but my best friend.
 I am so excited to have her standing by me on our wedding day!
We are so close and have so many inside jokes.
When people are around us, they must think we are absolutely insane because all we do is look at each other and laugh!

We spend hours upon hours watching tv series and she has introduced me to so many shows that i am in LOVE with now.
She has also introduced me to all the music i now love.  
Though some of the music is just way to weird for me, i enjoying laughing at her for listening to it!

She has shown me what it is to be a strong person.
To be someone who is not always scared.
She has shown me its okay to be yourself.
Its okay to act crazy in elevators and sing to the top of your lungs in front of strangers.
She has shown me who I really am.
I am so thankful for my beautiful, intelligent sister.
I have no idea where i would be without her.

Jenn and I are completely different in so many ways but we are also so much the same.
She doesn't like some of my style choices for the wedding, like the searsucker pants, and she voices that very strongly!
But i am so grateful that she does because it does make me think.
It shows me how to be stronger.
(and even though she doesn't like them, doesn't mean they aren't wearing searsucker!
They soo are..)

We have some pretty awesome videos that i may put on here one day that shows our (well mostly my) craziness!

"Its funny cause your old!"

"if a man hits you, he will hit you again. AND I LOVE SNUGGIES!"

Jenn you really are the most amazing person in my life. 
You are my best friend and there is no one that could ever take your place.
If i had to live without you i would literally be put in an insane asylum and on so many drugs its not even funny.


  1. How wonderful!! My sister is also my maid of honor :)

  2. What a great post! Sounds like a great relationship

  3. Hey, That's me! ..........Im amazing