Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding Checklist! 132 days..

Okay, today i feel overwhelmed..
132 days...almost 4 months..
I am soo excited, but i feel the time closing in on me and making my head want to explode in a giant pile of wedding madness!
#1 we are soo behind on save the dates, my friends are starting to think they aren't invited!
to them i say, you know i take after my mom and run on "tami time", they will be done within the week! Don't freak out!!!
#2 as of now I am DIY-ing the Save the Dates ( i just feel weird calling them STDs!)
I started today with Charlie and my future sis-in-law.
I am done with the one i like, but i messed up on the wedding website and am meeting Della either tom. or tues. to hand them off for printing.
If all goes well we will spend the weekend tying bows and addressing, then celebrating my moms bday with the launch of the STDs (ick!!) on monday!
Sweet Caroline let us take over her living room today to work on them
Thank YOUUU!!!!
I can't wait to show yall!

So on to the wedding checklist!
list from
Start a wedding folder or planner
Work out your budget
Pick your wedding party
Hire a planner, if desired
Reserve your date and venues
Research Photographers, bands, florists, and caterers
Hire photographer and videographer
Book entertainment
Meet Caterers
Purchase a Dress
Reserve a block of hotel rooms for out-of-town guests
Launch a wedding website
Select and Purchase Invitations -6 months b4 (behind!)
Start planning a Honeymoon
Shop for Bridesmaid dresses
Meet with Officiant-6 months b4 (behind!)
Send Save the Date Cards (BEHIND!!!)
Book a Florist
Start composing a day of timeline
Book the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner venues
Check on Wedding Invitations (4 months b4)
Select and Order the Cake (1/2 way there..)
Send your guest list to the host of your shower
Schedule hair and makeup appts. 
Choose your music 
Finalize Flowers
Finalize Menu (3 months b4)
Make a list of the people giving toasts 
Order Favors
Finalize the Readings
Purchase your undergarments
Finalize order of ceremony and reception
Print menu cards and programs
Purchase rings
Send event schedule to vendors

The rest on the list are 2 months before and are just follow ups that can only be done after all of the bright, scary, red things are completed!!!!!!
This list completely overwhelms me!
But i now have a good idea of where we are and where we need to be.
Well I am going to tackle those nasty red things!
well after sleep and work tomorrow, but then I will tackle them with a chicken wrist hit to the face!! 
(yep thats what we learn in Karate!!)

Ohh Kristi, you are soo on top of things!
I am extremely envious!
We cannot get an apartment until Charlie goes before the March boards for the Navy.
Then we will know where we will be, I am soo excited for you to have an apt. and be well on your way to living in wedding bliss!

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  1. Thank youu! You are so sweet. :)

    Your wedding checklist overwhelms me also...since our weddings are only a week apart. But we CAN get this done! And it will be fabulous when everything is finally put together!