Sunday, January 3, 2010


Bridesmaid dresses have been picked!!
I couldn't completely choose without going to Little White Dress first.
I had to see their collection, because it would be the easiest option, i thought.
When we went I saw soo many cute dresses, but i have such a hard time picking things for other people, that they have to buy!!

It was soo hard.

Before we left I saw a super cute flower girl dress:

Then I saw dresses that matched with little rosettes on them!
I thought they were adorable, but I was not sold on them...
So we went outside and talked about it all.
I have always come back to the jcrew dresses.
After my last post on bridesmaid dresses, I called Jcrew and they said the dress was discontinued for spring in the peppermint color.
But it was on sale then (thanksgiving) for $98.
I was going to call everyone then, but i did not want to risk them running out of sizes and some girls being left out, or something going terribly wrong!
So i decided we wouldn't do Jcrew.

After the Little White Dress visit, I knew those Jcrew dresses are what would work the best.
So we crossed our fingers, went home and checked online.
All of the dresses were still there in all sizes (Yay!)
The price had been reduced to $68.00 on three of them! (Yay!)
There was a code EXTRA20 (which is still happening!) on and you get 20% off! (Yay!)
These were the ones!
So I called up all the bridesmaids and explained what an awesome price it was and how they could choose any style (except the one my sis chose), but that they needed to do it fast.
I am telling you what, I have the most amazing bridal party!
All 9 of them ordered there dresses and called me within the hour!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was soo excited!
So bridesmaid dresses are finally decided on and I think everyone likes them, at least i hope they do!
To make things even better, Jenn's dress, and my dress (of course i just had to have one!) came the very next day!
So did three of the others.
Jcrew is on top of it!
They came while we were at the lake, so as soon as I got home I had to race to open the box and try them on (they are super wrinkled because they just came out of the box!)
This is Jenn's:

and this is mine, Ashley, and Jan's:

and they all have pockets!!! yay!!
Carson and Margaret Ann chose the strapless dress:

Caroline, Sandra, and Lauren's dress is:

I think they are all so cute!
My mom found a her dress at Little also. It is such a pretty green that matches her eyes and hair perfectly!
160 days!
I am getting EXTREMELY EXCITED!!!!!!

btdub: Charlie has been begging me to hurry up and pick these dresses, he literally asks me every single day.
He went back to school for two days because he had to work, so I didn't talk to him while we were trying to decide.
He called later that night and I casually told him that all the girls ordered their bridesmaid dresses.
He was like "WHAT!?!" 
He was so happy that i finally picked the dresses.
Now its his turn to pick the groomsmen outfits...!
(yeah right....)


  1. Oh girlie! I love each and every different style! Sooooo pretty, and what great prices as well! You've got some amazing taste. I cannot wait to see photos of how they all come together. Absolutely fabulous!

  2. Yay!! Congrats on being so close to the wedding! I absolutely adore the dressed you picked out!! And the flower girl one melts my heart!! It's so beautiful!!

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Those are gorgeous! And they can absolutely wear those again!!!

  4. What beautiful dresses! And it's wonderful that you thought about them being able to wear them again. : )