Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweet Treats!

I have the biggest sweet tooth everr!
I can never pass up a piece of candy..
so naturally I would love to post up right next to the sweet treats at any wedding!

A sweet treat bar seems super easy to create and a great DIY project!
If I were to create one, some things I would include are:
-Pretty, cheap containers that can be used again around your home or your families home.
(renting is also an option..)
           HomeGoods would probs be a great place to begin the search!
           A neat way to spruce up the container is to add a fun ribbon matching your wedding colors.

-Some candies that were fun, bright, different, and of course, yummy!
-A fun fabric to cover the table and spotlight the sweets!
-Some decorative signs introducing the bar and the sweets around the table.
-Some plastic baggies and ties so the guests can take them home, or carry them around the reception!

My friend Ashley had a sweet treats bar at her wedding and it was AMAZING!!!!
She had everything from rock candy to soccerball sweets in honor of her soccer playin hubby!
My dad and I kept bringing our baggy back to stock up throughout the wedding.
It was a huge hit!

Here are a few pics of some pretty amazing sweet treat displays!
gifts favors, candy buffet
Love these colors! and what cute napkins!

I love that the ribbon is the accent colour to the coloured candy
Love the ribbon detail!

This has to be one of my favs!
I love the tall vases in the back with floating orchids and candles!
I also like how the candy is different, and the way they are displayed is so neat!
With the lollipops standing up in the containers!
Amy Atlas Old Fashioned Wedding Candy Bar

Candy Land Wedding Candy Bar
Be sure to check out The Flirty Guide for glimpse into this Candy Land!

We purchased some of the Susan G Komen m&ms to have out for the wedding, but we aren't quite sure if we will have a full blown candy bar..

We do have a super fun surprise for our guests!

Some pretty happy sticky faced kiddos are enjoying this treat at the fair....
hint hint!

After that post, I am headed down to the fridge to the stash of Crunch sticks!!!

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